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Our Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured to insurance approved specifications and are offered in a comprehensive range of Shutter Types including Solid Steel, Punched, Perforated (Council Approved for shop fronts) or Open Link (often used in bars and clubs to secure the bar). This choice offers your business or home the perfect combination of Security, practicality and aesthetic appearance.

Installation can be either internal or external with options of a galvanised or colour coated finishes (to a colour of your choice) to compliment your property's appearance.

Doors can be operated either electrically by remote or key switch. Manual operation can be either push up or chain operation for larger shutter doors. Raising or lowering is simplicity itself, just a click of a button, pull of a chain or turn of a key.

What about the mail? No problem, we can accommodate access points into all our Roller Shutters, whether small or large, from a Letter Box to an integrated Access Door.




Perforated Steel Roller Shutters
Perforated Shutter Doors provide a similar high level of protection as the solid shutter doors, but have hundreds of small holes (approx 8mm diameter). These small holes offer the added advantage of allowing visibility through the shutter sections when in the secure closed position. These are ideal for shop fronts wanting to display products to potential customers even when closed. Our Perforated Steel Shutters are approved by the Council for use on the high street.


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Solid Steel Roller Shutters
Solid steel shutters provide an extremely high level of protection to property access areas (e.g. doors and windows). When in their closed position they completely cover the vulnerable access points of your building, they offer both a physical and visual deterrent to potential break-ins and when fitted externally also protect glass and doors from random vandal attack.

For businesses they offer an ideal solution for out of hours protection and full unhindered access during business hours. When the Roller Shutter Door is in the UP position, the steel sections retract into the overhead box allowing access without obstruction as well as full visibility and natural light. Used extensively on commercial and retail premises as well as domestic garages.



Punched Steel Roller Shutters
Punched Steel Roller Shutters offer even more visibility and light transfer than perforated steel doors.They still give an outstanding level of protection and are often installed on shop fronts, offices and holiday homes.


To enquire about any of our Roller Shutter products or for a budget quote please CLICK HERE and complete our enquiry form or if you prefer to talk to one of us please call us on 0115 9 003 204

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