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Protecting Property, Vehicles or any other asset that the unscupulous individual is after has become a consideration for most businesses. We have a range of products that will enable you to lkeep hold of your property in a practcal and aesthetic way

Fixed Hoops have combined with rmovable posts have been a solution for may vehicle and caravan companies. The combiantion of these items offers a sound defensive barrier with the pratical option to gain access to and from the restricted area


Where a restricted entrance forms part of the access an ideal robust access solution is the Road Blocker Unit. This device is installed into the road way and raises to restrict access but when linked to an access control system such as Remote Control Handsets, Proximity Cards, Token Access etc,, this forms an effective barrier.


road blocker


Directional Flow Plates
Although not normally categorised as an anti-ram raid solution the devices offer a cost effective solution and a visible deterrent to to vehicle access. By positioning these units in a strategic manner nad by combinig them with rising bollard or Road Blockers they can form a very effective system whilst still providing relitively uunhindered access to the users approaching from the correct direction

flow plate general

Traffic Directional Flow Plates

flow plate



ornate post

Ornate Anti-Ram Bollards
Supprisingly effective security occasionally comes in a stylish package. There is a wide range of Anti-Ram Postas that are manufactured with ornate styling but still retaining there primary function to prevent access.

stainlee steel post

Modern Look Anti-Ram Bollards
Keeping the stylish theme going, but also integrating modern design and materials these Stainless Steel Bollards offer high strength with sophisticated looks a must for moder buildings especially those with the stylish modern appearance with a multitude og glass frontage.


Rising Bollards
KeThese units have been tested to distruction and have proven to be a very efective anti-ram solution. These offer the visible and physical barrier and also have the benefit of easy day to day usebility as they can be operated by remote control, proximity reader, keypad, token even by mobile phone. They retract into the ground to give complete access and then rise up again into there secure position.

rising bollard

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